Ever since gardens began to be influenced by those of Italy, urns, fountains and statues have found an honourable, place in their scheme. They contribute very much to the embellishment and magnificence of a garden, whether large or small, terraced or open-ground. Vasco Henriques provides private clients and landscape professionals with a unique selection of garden ornaments to enhance any garden or landscape – whether traditional or contemporary, formal or natural.


Vasco Henriques cast stone fireplaces, mantels and chimney piece surrounds have been dramatically expanded to offer customers a choice from the simple and stylish to the ornate and elegant. In order for the client to achieve the exact specified end product, a detailed drawing is essential for quoting and manufacturing purpose.


Cast stone garden furniture, includes garden, garden benches and garden seats are all available from Vasco Henriques. Whether you choose a bench, seat or table, you can be sure that it will prove to be a relaxing addition to your lawn, patio, terrace, conservatory or garden room. The only dilemma is which bench, seat or table to chose in cast stone!


The standard range of designs and products that VascoStone make offers architects or designers opportunity to use these components to assist in what they would like to achieve. Whether it be balustrading – elegant, practical, and pleasing to the eye, or other architectural features such as pier caps, columns, pavilions, trusses or window and door surrounds.

Where the standard range cannot be used, VascoStone can produce custom-made designs. We offer a wide range of flooring and paving slabs designed either to be used internally or externally as well as bullnose or pool copings that can be made in the standard form, treated to have a non-slip surface, a surface polish or a deep terrazzo polish which creates a marble like surface revealing the polished aggregate of the material.


Water features add interest to a garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Centrepiece cast stone fountains and water features were not always the beautiful, ornate stone water features we expect of today’s pools, ponds and water gardens. Today, pool surrounds can be used with centrepiece fountains to create an attractive water feature in a contemporary garden or traditional landscape.

Centrepiece garden fountains and pool surrounds make beautiful water features in a courtyard. Fountain surrounds can be used with cast stone wall fountains. Self circulating fountains and freestanding water features in traditional classical and contemporary designs and styles can be used to enhance a courtyard, garden room or conservatory. Vasco Henriques also has wall fountains, self circulating fountains and freestanding water features.


Cast stone spheres and bases are for placing on pier caps and gate piers at the end of a driveway or entranceway. This can be a custom made work of art created by our talented mould maker and craftsmen.


Whether you have had your garden landscaped by a professional or if it is just an extension to your town house, decorative garden ornaments play a vital role in completing the setting. These ornaments whether, they be pots or urns, furniture or statues, complement and balance the shrubs, lawn and trees or they can act as a focal point of great attraction.

“Garden ornaments provide emphasis and accents in a garden drawing the eye in a particular direction. Most ornaments, because the solid and static objects such as urns, benches, columns or statues, provide a contrast with the living things around them.” – David Hicks 1929-1998


Vasco Henriques offers a range of cast stone flooring, pavers, slabs, steps and flagstones for interior and exterior use. Vasco Henriques cast stone paving, textured paving and smooth paving are supplied in a range of slab sizes and textures.

Our Paving slabs come in a range of shapes, colours, textures and sizes. The shapes vary and include squares, rectangles or round circles based on your preference and the surfaces can be made smooth, patterned, distressed or an uneven surface. Using white cement, different sand types and colour pigment, we can offer different colours of paving slabs.

They can be made of cement, reconstituted stone (either sandstone or limestone), granite or crushed marble depending on the desired finish. They can either be left as is, acid-washed to create a grainy non-slip property, or polished. Polishing can be customized for a smooth surface polish or a deep terrazzo polish to reveals the aggregate of material, giving a granite-like appearance. To protect the paving slabs, a matt or shiny sealant can be applied which also assists in keeping the pavers clean.