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VascoStone is a unique form of cast stone with a surface texture similar to Portland stone. In a number of important ways, cast stone is markedly superior. One of its greatest advantages is price, which piece for piece, is normally significantly less than that of quarried stone or natural stone.

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Ever since gardens began to be influenced by those of Italy, urns, fountains, and statues have found an honourable place in their scheme. They contribute very much to the embellishment and magnificence of a garden, whether large or small, terraced or open-ground. VascoStone provides private clients and landscape professionals with a unique selection of garden ornaments to enhance any garden or landscape – whether traditional or contemporary, formal or natural.


VascoStone cast stone fireplaces, mantels and chimney piece surrounds have been dramatically expanded to offer customers a choice from the simple and stylish to the ornate and elegant. At present, there are 40 different standard moulds which you can choose from or adapt. However, we are able to make custom designs of your choice.
Please take note that prices exclude installation


Cast stone garden furniture, including garden benches and garden seats, are all available from VascoStone. Whether you choose a bench, seat or table, you can be sure that it will prove to be a relaxing addition to your lawn, patio, terrace, conservatory or garden room. The only dilemma is which bench, seat or table to choose in cast stone!


The standard range of designs and products that VascoStone make offers architects or designers the opportunity to use these components to assist in what they would like to achieve. Whether it be balustrading – elegant, practical, and pleasing to the eye, or other architectural features such as pier caps, columns, pavilions, trusses or window and door surrounds. Where the standard range cannot be used, VascoStone can produce custom-made designs.


Water features add interest to a garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Today, pool surrounds can be used with centrepiece fountains to create an attractive water feature in a contemporary garden or traditional landscape. Centrepiece garden fountains and pool surrounds make beautiful water features in a courtyard. Fountain surrounds can be used with cast stone wall fountains.
Self circulating fountains and freestanding water features in traditional classical and contemporary designs and styles can be used to enhance a courtyard, garden room or conservatory. VascoStone also has wall fountains, self circulating fountains and freestanding water features.
Please take note that prices exclude pumps and installation

Animals, Eastern, Statues and Busts

Garden statuary can give your space an air of elegance, grandeur, and even a sense of history. Frame your statues with vine entangled arbors, or make a winding path through your garden that leads to an unexpected treasure. You may even have a function for your statue; create a small area for meditation next to a Zen-inspiring buddha statue and your choice of garden bench seating.

Tiles and Flagstones

VascoStone offers a range of cast stone flooring, pavers, slabs, steps and flagstones for interior and exterior use. VascoStone cast stone paving textured paving and smooth paving are supplied in various slab sizes and textures.

Our paving slabs come in a range of shapes, colours, textures and sizes. The shapes vary and include squares, rectangles, or round circles based on your preference, and the surfaces can be made smooth, patterned, distressed, or uneven. Using white cement, different sand types and colour pigment, we can offer different colours of paving slabs.

They can be made of cement, reconstituted stone (either sandstone or limestone), granite or crushed marble depending on the desired finish. They can either be left as is, acid-washed to create a grainy non-slip property, or polished. Polishing can be customised for a smooth surface polish or a deep terrazzo polish to reveal the aggregate of material, giving a granite-like appearance. To protect the paving slabs, a matt or shiny sealant can be applied which also assists in keeping the pavers clean.

Custom (Contract and Bespoke)

VascoStone works closely with architects, landscapers, interior designers and private clients alike to create unique interior and garden product solutions. With a keen understanding of processes and materials, we are able to draw on the talents and expertise of our talented mould maker, who aligns with our vision and commitment to quality.

Unique within our industry, we deliver a service that can meet the demands of any project, irrespective of scale or complexity.

VascoStone offers a specialist custom service to design and manufacture any mantle in any material and on any scale in both historical and contemporary styles.



At VascoStone, a cast stone manufactory in Lanseria, JHB, pieces are loaded onto a truck, delivered to the site, and offloaded by hand. Heavier cast stone pieces are delivered in sections for assembly on site.

If access is restricted, delivery will be kerbside only. Delivery does not include sitting or installation of the products unless quoted for.

Johannesburg delivery for garden ornaments and interior or exterior stonework is charged at an individually quoted price. Delivery time is typically three weeks depending on the size of the order. However, we will always endeavour to meet specific date requirements. Alternatively, items may be collected from our Lanseria manufactory by prior arrangement.


Individually quoted for depending on the complexity of the job

This service is offered for fireplace mantles and fountains only

VascoStone’s pointing mixes are mixed by hand to achieve a good colour match in terms of both colour and text

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VascoStone is a unique form of cast stone with a surface texture similar to Portland stone.

In a number of important ways, cast stone is markedly superior. One of its greatest advantages is price, which piece for piece, is normally significantly less than that of quarried stone or natural stone.

VascoStone has identified the exacting requirements of its customers, both private and professional, and an ongoing research and development programme ensures that the highest standards are maintained. Like quarried stone or natural stone, VascoStone can exhibit slight shade variations from piece to piece, reflecting the colour of the natural materials used in the cast stone production process. 

Customers should also be aware that locally quarried sand and natural pigments can produce subtle colour variations between orders

Vasco Stone Home Page
Vasco Stone Home Page

When cast stone planters are used in interior settings, a liner should be used, as planters are made with drainage holes, and the material has natural porosity. When interior architectural stonework is used in public areas, it is advisable to seal the surface of the stonework with a clear sealer.

Efflorescence, also known as lime bloom, may appear as a white deposit on the surface of any product containing cement or limestone. This is temporary and will disappear as a result of normal weathering or may be removed with a proprietary acid washing agent. Under certain exceptional conditions, a hairline fissure may occur on the surface of the product, a characteristic of any material using a cementitious binder. In normal circumstances, this will have no effect on the piece’s structural integrity.

All cast-in fixings and reinforcement used by VascoStone during the production process are non-ferrous, usually stainless steel.

Cast Stone has a long and illustrious history that intertwines with the great boom in classically inspired country house buildings from the eighteenth century onwards. Cast stone is referred to by many different names, including simulated stone, manufactured stone, reconstructed stone, reconstituted stone, composite stone, cast stone and concrete.